Look out for: MOJO

Look out for: Curious Manor
Look out for: Roxy Ballroom

Name: MOJO
Place: Nottingham
Price: ££

Funnily enough, if you’ve read my previous post about Roxy Ballroom, this is a bar that is right next door. In all honesty, my mistake last time was going to Roxy Ballroom because I thought they were the same place – turns out they are two very different bars.

What can I say? This place is a neon heaven surrounded in raw brickwork. This place has a big sign with the definition of MOJO. And this place has rare posters from various artists and their early concerts. It all creates a collective cool vibe.

They provide cheap food, Wing Wednesdays are probably the cheapest wings I have ever seen. Yet, the drinks can be seen as quite expensive – but offering highly sought craft beer means there will always be a mark up in price.

Yet, the atmosphere is what makes the bar seem to stand out for me. It offers a nonchalant vibe –LEAVE DISHEVELLED OR LEAVE NOW” staring at you as you walk in. It provided first-class indie hits and everyone around seemed to be having a good times. The staff definitely friendly – offering their knowledge but never pretentiously pushing you.

It’s no surprise that this bar also has events for you – giving tasting sessions, cocktail masterclasses and a range of options for parties. In addition, their social media game constructs a great reputation for a great visit.

Do you have a bar similar to MOJO where you are?
Let me know…

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