Dark Side of Travelling

No, this isn’t the announcement of the next Star Wars – don’t think it would be a great one in that universe.

Now I’m not going to get political or get into something like human trafficking, now that would be a dark turn to a positive blog. Instead I’ll talk about elements of travelling that are not always obvious but can be a problem.

#1 – Pickpockets and con artists
Being in such a hugely populated area, with your £500 camera and £100 worth of euros in your pocket, you’ll look like a huge red target. I mean majority of people have perfect luck and never have this type of problem. Yet, it happens more often than you think.

It’s easy to be targeted, especially travelling on your own. So what do you do? Be aware of your surroundings, have a good rucksack or bag that has a zip, take only what you need outside your accommodation, and don’t be hugely obvious with your possessions in public – seems like standard tips but you’ll always be surrounded by people who want something from you in these areas sadly.

#2 – Delays, waits and changes
I always relied on good transport in other countries – until I was delayed to work by 1 hour in Spain. Be aware of these little moments which could completely disrupt your whole trip. If you’re like me, then you’ve had your fair share of scares – missing my train from Antwerp to Brussels Airport meant I almost wasn’t flying back to Spain.

Although this isn’t dark, it’s plainly annoying and can cost you a fortune on an already costly trip. So, make yourself aware of the transport system before travelling, take a note of other transport links to your first choice in case of any problems or go with plenty of time to spare. 

#3 – Let’s Fly Away
With this, I found I don’t have a problem with flying – usually I listen to music, read a book and have a bit of a snooze. But I know for a lot of people this is the worst part of any tip – and for some, it’s the reason why they haven’t travelled as much as they want to – I’m aware that if I say “You’ll be fine” you probably won’t be “fine.”

However, there are ways to combat this and make the most of your travels. I mean an easy option is that there are light medications for flying, or you could fly with someone you trust enough to squeeze their hand off. Other than this, the world is growing and trains, boats or cars can always give you a hand in getting you to your desired destination.

#4 – Missing people is certain 
For the most part I’ve always been surrounded by people when I travel – whether that being my family, friends, partner, people I’ve just met, host family, or colleagues. Therefore, I’ve been able to be quite lucky in sharing and reminiscing my travels with those I’ve been with. Yet, you’ll always miss someone wherever you go!

I remember going to Menorca with my family but knowing how much my partner would love this paradise made me miss her! Yet, when I was in Milan with Anita, I was aware that my parents would probably be craving to see this cool city. On numerous occasions I’ve realised that I’ll always miss someone who I know will love this and even though I’ll be surrounded by good people, the ones who would also love it are not there.

#5 – Getting back to normality
I’ve spoken about this a lot before but you’re never prepared for it and it is something you just have to live with. Being a travel addict has its benefits but you’re always craving more when the reality is to return to your normal life.

We’ve all been there – had a great trip, met great people, eaten great food but you return to normality that isn’t as exciting and free. I’m not saying I have a boring home life but it emphasises how great the trip was.

How to handle this? You don’t. You get on with the normal life and you get back into your rhythm.

But be aware that whenever a trip ends, that just means the next one will just get better. 

Do you agree with these points?
Do you have any dark sides of travelling that you want to add?
Leave a comment, send an email or let me know at my Instagram.

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