Hidden Pleasures in Travelling

If you are anything like me, which I certainly hope not, then you must enjoy visiting new places. However, I’ve found that sometimes part of the experiences rests in what all writers don’t talk about.  When you talk about your travels you mention the activities, the food, the drinks and the monuments worthy of your […]

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Change your life

Recently I read an article about a girl who lived extremely cheap in order to travel extraordinarily. Click here to read the full article. I’ll sum up the details for those who haven’t read it (I linked you and you’re still lazy). Bridie Wilkins chose to work hard and live frugally in order to maintain […]

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Well it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have to say I’ve been putting off this for some time and I feel it’s good to be back with a recap. Those who follow my adventures should be aware that I’m trying to get back into it so please be gentle with me, I feel like […]

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Montserrat – Barcelona

Before the Easter holidays I managed to get a trip to Montserrat. I’d heard a lot about this mountain from the children and adults so I’d say I was very curious. With an early start on a typical spring day we had prepared ourselves and set along the road to the Montserrat tramway. On arrival, […]

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