Montserrat – Barcelona

Before the Easter holidays I managed to get a trip to Montserrat. I’d heard a lot about this mountain from the children and adults so I’d say I was very curious. With an early start on a typical spring day we had prepared ourselves and set along the road to the Montserrat tramway. On arrival, […]

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My (Anti-) Travelling Tips

With a title looking like a Slipknot album track and the fact that it looks like I’m tell you not to travel, I could probably see people being discouraged. DON’T FEAR, JAMES IS HERE. Being the funny sort that I am, I found that I read the same bullet points whenever I read any “Travelling […]

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La Mola – Barcelona

During my time abroad I have done new and old activities. This weekend’s activity was by no means new but it was enjoyable and a good reminiscence. I should explain. Don’t worry, I will give you the short unemotional story. Back when I was a chubby child, I used to go on small treks about […]

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